Albrosco Limited has many facets. Based in Trinidad and Tobago, in the Southern part of the Caribbean, we are Manufacturers of Food and Light Household products. We are importers and Exporters of various products. Albrosco is involved in Animal Husbandry, Wholesale and Distribution, and Property Development. We are almost 50 years old and contribute in a significant way to our communities.

We produce quality Fresh Pork, Deli, Cold Cut and Canned Meats, Instant Soups, Household Insecticides, Mops, Pot Scourers and other Household Cleaning products which can be found in many retail outlets and homes throughout the Caribbean. We also import and resell numerous food and household products for everyday use.

We own and maintain our properties and plants while doing other commercial developments. We look forward to being of service with our various offerings to all our customers.